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What to Expect from an SEO Client?

Everyone asks what to expect from an SEO consultant, but the question might be, what to expect from a client?

Michelle Macomber of Surface Esthetics, a prime day spa in San Diego - Del Mar is not only the best provide of the facial skin care treatments, she is also a shrewd marketing person, fully aware what an ambitious SEO plan can do for her business.

We are an Ethical SEO Service

Ethical SEO Service, based on RELEVANCY

Our pledge is NEVER to engage in harmful, "black hat" SEO techinque.

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Best SEO Client Award goes to Michelle Macomber of Surface Esthetics

Google for anything, but I mean “anything” and what you’d get? Wikipedia entry as the 2 nd SERP at Google. At Bing, query “anything” gets Wikipedia on 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd place only to have a YouTube link on the 4 th place. Even at Yahoo!, if anyone uses it for search, yahoo-ing (!) for “anything” returns two Wikipedia entries on 1 st and 2 nd places. The Free Dictionary entry is 3 rd.

Even a bit more specific query for someone known all over the world like “Steven Hawking” is gets his own website below the first place that, you do not even have to guess, belongs to Wikipedia.

Search Engines have became almost exclusively mainstream and their SERPs are mainly mainstream oriented. I spoke with some high-level Google executives in Santa Monica a while ago and senior engineers agreed with me. The main question for SEO experts in the years to come is how to get any real success for smaller websites, unless they are 100% niche sties. But even if you’d be a “Dalmatian pelican” expert par excellence you’d have to compete with, guess whom, Wikipedia that gets on the 1 st place for such term.

Michelle Macomber of Surface Esthetics, a skin treatment spa and a winner of the best facials in San Diego for two years in a row is the best example how small businesses should think big and work towards the goal. Michelle knows how to engage her clients, friends and business partners for mutual benefits, including mutual SEO benefits, like links building.

Therefore we give our 2 nd BEST SEO CLIENT AWARD to Michelle and her Surface Esthetics website; Michelle understands that SEO work takes time and that a business owner must engage in all Social Network related activities in order to promote her or his business. Article placements, anchor links here and there for her, best facial skin care treatment are great tool in an SEO consultant toolbox but back to basics seems to be a way to go for small and emerging businesses. Engage and engage your community, build your on-line presence, move towards more automated tasks and the success will not elude you.

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