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CELEBRITIES – Media Bots of the Worst Kind

Followers on Twitter are a measure of someone’s popularity so we took one deep, hard look into "followers" our Twitter Test Accounts have gained!

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Twitter: The Dark Side Study

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Twitter: The Dark Side | CELEBRITIES – Media Bots of the Worst Kind

The most followed people on Twitter are celebrities, media bots of the worst kind, cyborgs in human form. Celebreties are in fact worse than the bots. They, the celebrities, follow only each others and, unlike automatic bots, not other "normal" humans.

Take a look at, her 2,293,726 followers and whom is she “following” (17); Ellen DeGeneres, Larry King, Shaquile O’Neal, Demi Moore all the usual suspects. If you jump over at Ellen DeGerenes’s account at and her 3,464,203 followers you’d see she “follows” 26 people, again, all the usual suspects, Demi Moore, omnipresent Oprah, Barack Obama, Martha Stewart.


Obama Girl?

Most interesting of all the media cyborgs created on Twitter all is no one but the Nobel Price for Peace winner, the President of the United States, The Honorable Barack Obama @ He “follows” 755,522 people. So imagine the President ardently reading tweets like this one, from the account he “follows”, gloomily states “ is sick of pricks who can't commit to shit. If you can pass up a girl like ME, I'm obviously too good for you. Kiss my ass :).”

I hope the President did not take that to his heart and that another celebrity, the First Lady, did not get upset over “xxnadsxx” and her ranting.


The utter uselesness of the Twitter following / followers count cannot be better illustrated than by seeing the President of the U.S. “following” 755,522 people.



2,288,931 followers Obama has, 2,293,726 at Oprah, 3,464,203 at Ellen or 3,752,822 followers Ashton Kutcher has (11,799,682 total for only these four riders of a Social Networking wave) create an enormous amount of noise and waste equaly enormous amont of energy.

When “aplusk” or any other celebrity posts Beyonce’s video (yet another celebrity) it generates billion clicks, it is being endlessy repeated and even more so, each re-tweet, each link reposted invoke million senseless, useless BOT-CLICKS that futher clog the system and waste resources.

3,524 “aplusk”’s tweets appear on each of his follower accounts so if he’d tweet 3,524 more times and kept only 3,464,203 followers he has now he alone would create 12,207,851,372 tweet-appearances and at least 51,150,897,248 initial BOT-CLICKS on these tweets, useless, expensive BOT-CLICKS that would then multiply with each re-tweet any of these followers would post.

Another study would be necessary to estimate how long would it take Twitter to surpass energy needs these 62 trillion spam emails that were sent during 2008 created.

Before that happens, we have to embark onto EXPERIMENT 3, evaluating Direct Messaging Value.


PART XVIII: EXPERIMENT 3 – Direct Messaging Value



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