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So What Kind of the Future Twitter Evokes?

Over 95% of all traffic on Twitter is automated generated garbage, bots powered, sub-human world of pings and clicks, redirectors, spam and storages of endless bytes. All these activities cost money, waste energy and, yes, pollute!

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Twitter: The Dark Side Study

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Twitter: The Dark Side | So What Kind of the Future Twitter Evokes?

Is Twitter just a fad, made to waste our lives with instead of being outdoors in that peculiar environment of our grandfathers, a space called Mother Nature? Or is it a sign of such a new, borderless world in which people would, using the only real democratic tool available left, the Internet, take the world back into their hands and save the Planet and the Humanity from all the perils?

Let us return to Marshall McLuhan’s quote partially used above again and ask us, was he really right when he wrote - What may emerge as the most important insight of the twenty-first century is that man was not designed to live at the speed of light. Without the countervailing balance of natural and physical laws, the new video-related media will make man implode upon himself. As he sits in the informational control room, whether at home or at work, receiving data at enormous speeds – imagistic, sound, or tactile – from all areas of the world, the results could be dangerously inflating and schizophrenic. His body will remain in one place but his mind will float out into the electronic void, being everywhere at once on the data bank.” – because the fact is there have been no new technologies coming out that help us communicate more slowly, more thoughtfully, more grammatically or more deeply? The entire direction for the written word seems to be one in which analogy, punctuation and even words themselves are considered burdensome. At least IMHO.

After all, Marshal McLuhan’s quote above contains 626 characters, a full 447% more than Twitter would allow him to say. But the rest of us still have 140 characters to tell the world we do not need it anymore; no we don’t, as long we have a tweet to tweet.


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