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Every single detail in the ad must be totally relevant to the product or service you’re selling.

Yes, RELEVANCY again – we cannot stress that enough, in PPC as in a great SEO work, RELEVANCY is the King.


SEO University Topics:

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Designing a PPC Ad Campaign

In designing a PPC ad campaign “think as customer thinks.” If you’re selling hydraulic pumps for a vintage Corvette who’s your client? A no-nonsense guy whose pump is down and who needs to have it repaired or replaced ASAP. Therefore you write your ad for such a guy and promise “Same Day Hydraulic Pumps Repair” in a body of your ad (your keywords are still “hydraulic pumps repair”). Offer great service and deliver great service.

Landing Pages

Landing pages MUST also deliver the promise from the ad. If someone searches for the exact term he or she would seek to see that same term on the pages they came through a “click” or they might leave the website and never come back. Also, always Add the URL of the target website; if running a promotion, sale, free shipping, or anything that benefits a potential client, create a landing page for the specific ad and emphasize the special offer:

www.antique-cars-dynamos.com/SummerSale.htm (or similar).

SEO Idea

DO NOT focus only on Google and its AdWords PPC program. Shop around! Good PPC programs can also be found at Miva (www.miva.com), Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft AdCenter—and there are others.



Poor relevancy in PPC costs money; good relevancy yields increased revenue-- do not ever forget that.

















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