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Verify-A-Click Approach to Dime-A-Click™ Clicks Matrics

We take web traffic analytics as a part of Search Engine Optimization seriously. The crucial thing to know is - NO analytics is perfect and some result's discrepancies could be mind boggling!!

We do our best to educate you, the client, and deliver the most accurate report possible. Our pledge is to only charge for verifiable, unique clicks generated by our patent pending custom traffic generator, and to deliver quality hits from interested customers to your website !

We are an Ethical SEO Service

Ethical SEO Service, based on RELEVANCY

Our pledge is NEVER to engage in harmful, "black hat" SEO techinque.

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Great Business Hosting Solution from our Partner! Says Potato (1,000 clicks), Google Says Tomato (200 clicks) and now?

Look at this frightening example from I'm Not Actuall a Geek blog:

Bitly Clicks
Bitly gave him 125 clicks but WordPress analytics only 11!??

125 from Bitly - 11from Wordpress = 114 or 91.20% difference! In a real life the differences are usually not that drastic but they could be. If Not a Geek was our client that would translate into hard DIMES:

$1.25 invoice vs. $0.11 invoice.

It is important, as Douglas Adams would say: Don't Panic! UNDERSTAND!!

Twitter Marketing


There are numerous reasons, some of them specific for the Twitter generated traffic that could create such an uneasy difference in a number of clicks. Our own URL shortener will produce logs directly linked to Twitter IDs so it would be no reasons for panic. Until that time we'd have to deal with what we have. And beware, even Google is not immune from mistakes, even click fraud lawsuits.

More about a Complex Click Fraud Trojan here, just for fun, but let us get back to business.

How is it possible, a normal human being that has a life and is not buried under the codes like yours trulyDime-A-Click and Verify-A-Click providers, that one analytics gives results so vastly different than another, in Google Analytics case, results from a trusted Internet giant?

Let's assume we deliver 15,000 clicks worth a $1,500.00 to your website but Google Analytics says it has been far less visitors. Our service guarantee gives you:

a) 6% clicks spillage guarantee i.e. for $1,500.00 we deliver 15,900 clicks,

b) set-up fee reimbursment after 15,000 clicks i.e. next 1,500.00 clicks are free of charge so you and up getting 17,400 clicks for $1,000.00 or 16% discount (in all cases of over 15,000 clicks delivered and paid for).


But what if the difference is still significant? What are the reasons?

Bear with us and please review this partial list of reasons why metrics could differentiate. We live out of your dime and grow our company out of your dime and work very hard to earn your dime. This is important to know for our business relation could rest on healthy foundation and grow:

- visitor disabled JS (JavaScript) in a browser so a visit won't trigger Google Analytics, therefore the visit of such unique user is lost for Google but registered at Do not discount this number - there is about 5% of all Internet users that have their JS disabled, so here is your first 5% of real users potentially lost,

- Page tagging (JavaScript that GA uses) relies on the client (visitor) browser voluntarily providing the analytical information requested. Some browsers disable data collection for security reasons, some individuals purposely configure their browser settings to block web analytics tools from tracking and collecting data; others have no idea that their browser settings are configured in a fashion that would block or interfere with the data collection process. So here you have lost track of about 1% to 2% more of your visitors,

Twitter Marketing


Are the clicks you're getting legit? Ours will be as much as possible.




- Most website visitors using mobile phones simply do not have the technical capabilities to be tracked by web analytics programs, affects mobile phone users in a big way - since the browsers on a lot of mobile phone platforms cannot execute or understand JavaScript, they cannot be tracked by default. About 19% of all U.S. net users are using mobile phones to access the Internet, "Over the course of the past year, we have seen use of mobile Internet evolve from an occasional activity to being a daily part of people's lives," observed Mark Donovan, senior vice president, mobile, comScore. "This underscores the growing importance of the mobile medium as consumers become more reliant on their mobile devices to access time-sensitive and utilitarian information." Among the audience of 63.2 million people who accessed news and information on their mobile devices in January 2009, 22.4 million (35 percent) did so daily, so here you are, losing all people coming to your website from mobile units,

- Moreover, about 50% of ALL Twitter users come from platform similar to mobile devices that lack capability to execute or understand JavaScript, and here we are, well above 60% of ALL your visitors are most likely not going to be counted in Google Analytics,

- Is it also possible for a visitor to visit a page and leave before the JavaScript reports the visit, thus not being counted. That happens if your page loading time is over 2 to 3 seconds; people have no time to wait and leave. You had a visitor but she or he has not been tracked or recorded. If your code on a slower page is in the upper part of the code, just below <body> tag as oppposed to the bottem of the code, just above of the </body> code the difference coming from such event – a vistor leaving the page before tracking is loaded is another 4.3%,

- Some ISPs (infact, most) use proxy servers to cache pages. This means user A requests your home page. Ten minutes later, person B requests your home page, but it is delivered by the proxy server, not your website, so there is no record of this event on your logfile. is Twitter's URL shortener of choice (it could be traced here: so they are probably the most realiable tracking analytics tool for all the traffic coming from Twitter.

BOTTOM LINE: no analytics is perfect. Weblogs have problems with cookies, tags with loading times, JavaScript with mobile devices etc., etc., It is important to know that we take the utmost care re: accuracy of the traffic delivered to our customer. If you're keen to know more about crazy world of clicks analytics go here and explore.

If you're really ambitious to know more, check out this 47 pages long Report dealing with Google's invalid clicks by Dr. Alexander Tuzhilin, titled The Lane's Gifts v. Google Report.

You are safe from click fraud with SEO Artworks!



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