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What to Expect after you hire us? A scope of work - anticipated results, analytics, follow-ups and more...


We are Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing specialists using proven SEO and SEM techniques. We increase your company's profitability through effective SEO work.

Working for you we never forget our key principle: fierce battle in the marketplace while applying the best SEO work possible.

We are an Ethical SEO Service

Ethical SEO Service, based on RELEVANCY

Our pledge is NEVER to engage in harmful, "black hat" SEO techinque.

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Googlebot What exactly do we do for you in our Maximum Security SEO, Essential SEO Service?

FREE ANALYSIS of your current SEO configuration and your website's position in the cyberspace. If you'd like to take advantage of this free offer, E-mail us with your URL and we will promply send you a report,

KEYWORDS and COMPETITORS research, providing you with the keywords and keyword phrases that would be used in Meta Tag optimization,

TITLE TAGS proposals and solutions,


KEYWORDS TAGS solutions,

H1 and H2 (headers) TAGS solutions for the Copy (text), including other Tag suggestions, when necessary (like strong or emphasis Tags),

Provide you with the Anchor Links suggestions for the pages or implement them (depending of the level of access you'd give us),

Internal links structure development,

Provide with a proper SITEMAP solution for the pages,

Your Web pages SUBMISSION to all relevant directories and search engines,

30 days UNLIMITED e-mail communication RE: Optimizing the site after the work commences,

Occasional, free e-mail consultations after 15 days,

AFFILIATE LINKS building. We will provide you with suggestions of what could be done and you take it from there,

Pay per Click advertising campaign proposals with Google AdWords,

Outbound LINK building suggestions – your pages need to be a part of the cyberspace, related to the similar pages,

Inbound LINK building suggestions and

A COMPREHENSIVE SEO / Net Marketing Long-Term Plan for your future successes!

NOTE: SEO is a hard work uniquely tailored for each website. Many segments of a proper SEO work like Links Building or PPC campaign or even Meta Tagging for a huge website with a dozen, even hundred pages would require a separate deal. For that reason we did not include exact pricing. Please feel free to contact us re: pricing. Or, ask us for a FREE analyis and we will include the price with the proposed work.


"Full Metal Jacket SEO" - Internet Marketing Development!

After your SEO work is perfectly done and you see improvements you might wish more; as the part of the Essential Package you'd be provided with the Net Marketing Long-Term Plan so "Full Metal Jacket SEO" embarks onto IMPLEMENTING it. Full Metal Jacket SEO is fully dependant on your business niche and your goals and is tailored specifically for you in order to enhance your Net presence and bring you success.

E-mail us if you'd like to know more.


MAXIMUM SECURITY SEO & Your Internet Presence Developing!

Sometimes your business requires a total face-lift or you need to start from the scratch.

Every job, every website, every business's needs are specific and have its own unique requirements. Essential SEO service we provide to ALL customers we work with and in addition we offer following advanced services:

  • Web design or re-design in HTPL, PHP, CSS, Flash 10 etc.,
  • Dynamic Sitemaps automatic solution,
  • PHP URL reprograming; PHP is an "open source" programming language for building dynamic web sites. PHP can be used to write server-side programs that access databases. PHP is the most popular web programming language - more popular than Microsoft's ASP (Active Server Pages), JSP (Java Server Pages), and Macromedia's Cold Fusion. You might have a PHP based site and if your web experts are not also SEO experts your URLs migh look like: ?cat_id=462&subcat=459 instead, lets say: which would've been a much better (SEO wise) URL, if your business sells antique car dynamos.,
  • AdWords, Social Networking, PPC solutions.

    Our set skills go well beyond SEO so we can also help you with:
  • REMOTE Assistance using CISCO routers / software is a revolutionary approach to computer diagnostics and maintenance. We hook with your local computer and -- while you allow us the access and observe "live" action while repairing your system,
  • DATA Recovery; if your HD is broken, burned or damaged in anyway we might be able to help,
  • E-mail Management Consultation. Our Robert Smallwood is one of the industry's top experts, and his book is the essential survival guide for organizations today. But if you need a wealth of experience and knowledge for your more immediate and / or concrete needs, let us know by e-mail to us.



We at SEO-Artworks improve our SEO techniques all the time. With the explosion of Social Networking we're one step ahead and offer our exceptional EXPERIMENTAL PACKAGE PROMOTION.
With it your website would be getting both an excellent SEO works and an instant flux of visitors through our Twitter Marketing service. E-mail us if you'd like to know more.

It works like this: you pay a very modest $150.00 set-up fee for the service that consists of:

  • TITLE TAGS solutions for the minimum of 15 pages,
  • DESCRIPTION TAGS solutions for minimum of 15 pages,
  • KEYWORDS TAGS solutions for the minimum of 15 pages,
  • TRACKING ANALYTICS codes for the web pages,
  • TWITTER MARKETING system set-up and within three (3) to maximum seven (7) days you have all the solutions implemented and our Twitter Marketing starts working for you and delivering traffic for UNBEATABLE PRICE of one dime per a click; $0.10 for one unique, verifiable visitor.
    E-mail us now and lets start or visit our Dime-A-Click™, Twitter Marketing pages and learn more about that exciting service.


Twitter Marketing



Our service is guaranteed with our Verify-A-Click Client Protection service.





To learn more feel free to explore our site:

ALLOW US TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE ON-LINE SUCCESS. Start by sending us an E-mail by clicking here.



While it is impossible to go give any guarantee such as Google Position #1 or #2 for any particular search term it is safe to say that after the implementation of necessary changes your website would perform much better. We guarantee you that after our job is done:

  • Your pages will be properly optimized and. properly indexed,
  • Relevant links are built that will make your own your pages more relevant for the SE indices,
  • Your will get much better visibility on-line and your "findability" will increase dramatically,
  • Your Web pages would turn at the first page of most relevant searches on Google. On many terms we would propose your pages may land in the TOP TEN at the #1 or #2 or #3 positions at Google searches,
  • continuing efforts in our SEO work for you will keep you relevant, well ranked and perfectly optimized for the times to come and last but at all not least,
  • our Twitter Markerting Dime-A-Click traffic delivery service will greatly enhance your website's reach and will get you more visitors, users and paying customers.
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