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Verify-A-Click Approach to Dime-A-Click™ Service

We take Click Fraud danger very seriously. Click Fraud rate in Q2 2009 was 12.7%. That’s down from 13.8% for Q1 2009 and from the 16.2% rate reported for Q2 2008.

We do our best to protect you, the client, from Click Fraud. Our pledge is to only charge for verifiable, unique clicks generated by our patent pending custom traffic generator, and to deliver quality hits from interested customers to your website !

We are an Ethical SEO Service

Ethical SEO Service, based on RELEVANCY

Our pledge is NEVER to engage in harmful, "black hat" SEO techinque.

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Our Dime-A-Click™ Service Delivers Traffic, unique visitors to your website; that's our pledge. You'd have various way to independently verify the quality and authenticity of any particular click / visitor. We will provide you with three (3) different, unrelated ways to Verify-A-Click:

Unless you already have one we'd provide you with the Tracking Code designed for your Website. It could be Google Analytics, StatCounter or any other tool. If you do not have tracking codes on your website and this is a news for you check it out at our own site,

In Internet Explorer you should go to Page => View Source (in Mozzila go to the View => Page Source) and scroll down to the end of the code and just above
you'd see how the codes look like. They provide you with on the page, so-called "page tagging" Analysis. Mind you EVERY PAGE on your webiste must have the said code implemented or the tracking will not work.


Therefore you'd be able to see and verify every unique user, their unique I.P. address etc. If you'd have, say 1,000 clicks from the same IP address we will investigate such fraudulent attempts and you pay nothing.

Second source of tracking analysis for our TWITTER MARKETING is Twitter's own URL shortener service, As explained on our previous page the URL shortner is necessary because the Twitter allows you only 140 characters in the message and there a quite a few URLs longer than that.
This analytics requires few short steps. Firstly you chose a webpage / URL you'd like to market, lets say this page: which would, once shortened, look as and will take a user that clicks on a "shortened" URL to this very page you're browsing. provides you with a real-time tracking which is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is to add "+" after the shortened URL as in and check the statistic by yourself. If you use the shortened URL first (and land back to this page) and therefater check it again by using you'd see the number of clicks increased for one (1)! This is your second tracking tool.

Please note that EVERY shortened URL is UNIQUE for your "landing page" and no one can hack it, use or re-use it for their own purposes. Once created for you, your own short URL stays yours as long as you wish to track it.
We are in a process of developing our own, tailor made for Dime-A-Click and Verify-A-Click™, services with Twitter URL shortener and will update you shortly.

Please note that various tracking services can produce dramatically different results that we discuss here. What is important to undertand is that for us your DIME is the most valuable monetary unit we get and we strive never to charge you a dime more than earned.

You are safe from click fraud with SEO Artworks!



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