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Great SEO work is based on common business sense.

If you sell antique car dynamos then it is obvious that your Description Tag should revolve around those terms by doing precisely what that Tag requires: describing your business succinctly.

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Meta Tags Explained - DESCRIPTION TAG

The Description Tag gives a brief, succint description of your page you provided to the Search Engine in your Meta Descriptoin Tag, in the head (Description Tag is invisible on page factor)

Keep the Description Tag short; do not stuff the Tag with keywords. Our antique car dynamos example website would have a Description Tag that goes something like this:

<meta name="Description" content="Antique car dynamos need replacement and we fix or replace all makes and models>


SEO Idea

When composing your Title and Description Tags (”SEO snippets”) do not obsess over SE too much. Create a natural phrase while preparing your pages for your clients. Think of what a potential client would put in the search engine query, when they are looking for the product/service you offer and act accordingly.



A) Do not repeat Description Tags and have different Description Tag for every page on your website.

B) Google will display a maximum of 156-160 description characters for URL’s, in his results pages, any content residing after the limit being totally scraped and ignored; Yahoo will display, slightly more maximum description characters, up to 180; and,MSN will display, depending on a number of aspects, between up to 190, perhaps 195 maximum description characters , any content residing after the limit being totally scraped and ignored.

C) Some SE take the snippet from the Open Directory Project so if you wish to preclude a robot for taking their description you should use a neat Meta Robot Tag (in the head section of your code):

<meta name="robots" content="NOODP">

and disallow indexing of your pages from the Open Directory Project.

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