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You’re Mr. and Mrs. John and Jane Smith, respectful members of your community. You repair, restore and sell antique car dynamos and have run a successful family business for some time.

Now you wish to grow and you incorporate JJ SMITH, Inc. and plan to sell your service on-line. You revel in the possibilities that selling your product to the world might bring. First step in your business planing is to choose a right Domain Name for your business.

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URL – Your Business Name and the Website

Let us examine this issue with an “SEO lens” and an eye for making the website SE optimized and successful: the example of Apple Computers (now called “Apple”). You type “apple computer” into Google’s query interface, click on “search” and what you’ve got? Let us examine Google’s search results:

Google’s search results are in bold in several places:

  • Apple Computer, Inc. in a First Place search result. “Apple” came from the Apple web page’s Title Tag,
  • Apple designs and creates iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and desktop computers, the OS X operating system, and the revolutionary iPhone. Both “Apple” and “computers” came from web page’s Description Tag,
  • The term “Apple” inbold once again in the very URL of the Apple Computers web page:

If Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, legendary founders of Apple Computers have decided to call their company, say, “Steve & Steve Company,” that would have complicated things (and made it more difficult to market on the web). So Mr. and Mrs. Smith should think of a web page domain that includes the most relevant terms of their business: antique, cars, and dynamos. If available, their ideal website would be:

antiquecardynamos dot com or antique-car-dynamos dot com

This would be relevant. This is the beginning of Search Engine Optimization.

IMPORTANT NOTE: when registering your Domain make sure to register it for at least five (5) to preferably ten (10) years. Remember, spammers register their "throw-away" domains for a year and then threw it away. You do not want to be seen as a potential spammer / or a business without a long-term plan by registering your Domain for only a year. This is also a factor in algorithm i.e. it does effect your ranking, both the age of the domain and the registration length.

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