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A fundamental question in the Search Engine Optimization:
"What are people searching for on the Web?"

Whatever it is that they search for, they use (KEY)WORDS in a SE query. They "google" for the terms they deem the most relevant for the topic of their search.

SEO University Topics:

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How Does A Search Engine Work—Exactly?

SEO: Facts and FictionPeople use different (KEY)WORDS when they search for your services, products, texts, blogs... online. Use these same keywords in your website copy and people will find your site when they search. Your META Tags, your copy, your Title, your URL (Domain) are all indexed by a Search Engine. Google (and others) compares the search term against indexed terms gathered "crawling" the Web and stored in their data centers, in continually updated databases.


Because of so many illicit SEO techniques, like the keyword stuffing the Keyword Tag has lost its importance to the point that many SEO experts would tell you that Keyword Tag does not matter at all. We recommend using this tag regardless. Ten or twenty good keywords and keyword phrases will be crawled and indexed and would, if nothing else, emphasize the relevance of your content, if not the ranking itself. The Tag is placed in the <head> section of your Code and looks like something like this:

<meta name="keywords" content="my, very clever, keyword phrase here" />

Do NOT stuff words in this tag; Keyword stuffing is one of unethical search engine optimization techniques, where the site consists of a long list of keywords. Hidden text is when the text on the page is the same color as the background and often consists of lists of keywords that are put there in hope of tricking search engine spiders. Those tehniques offent result in having a website banned from SE index.


You'd be suprised to learn what the people are searching for while on the net and how nuances can make or break your SEO keywords work. This is not a guessing game - you need to use proper tools for your keywords work and research.


Go to the KEYWORDS PART Section TWO, Wordtracker explained clicking here.



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