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A fundamental question in the Search Engine Optimization:
"What are people searching for on the Web?"

Whatever it is that they search for, they use (KEY)WORDS in a SE query. They "google" for the terms they deem the most relevant for the topic of their search.

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Wordtracker Free Tool

Wordtracker has the best on-line tools. By clicking on their banner above you can get a seven-days free trial with them. They also have a Wordtracker's Free Keywords Suggestion Tool. Let us examine Mr. and Mrs. Smith's keywords

They put a keyword phrase "antique car dynamos" in the query and for their horror, no one on the Internet is searching for such a term! Therefore they focus on “antique car” and have found a crucial lesson re: KEYWORDS:

A search query: "antique car" returns 29 results but

A search query: "antique cars" returns 457 results! Even one characters makes a word of difference in a keywords work. Granted, in a real world Google would give you almost the same results for such a query, but you've gotten the idea: people use search term that suits them, their ideas, their education level if you wish, their language, when they look for the service / product you provide.


KEYWORDS Research with Wordtracker

Wordtracker helps you find niche words, your competitors did not find yet!

Let us move from the Mr. and Mrs. Smith's fictional keywords work and give you an example we worked on. A site devoted to Ronald Reagan obviously uses terms "U.S. President", "Ronald Reagan", "biography" etc. Simple Google search, however, gives us about 10,800,000 hits for Ronal Reagan query.

Keyword research we did for a client - since of the air thus why we can tell you what has been a trade secret then - found a nice niche keyword phrase for our client.

"Why did they call ronald reagan the gipper" - such phrase has a Google Keyword Efficiency Index of 2,380! The value of such keywords phrase gets clearer when you consider this:

GOOGLE KEI ----- It's Descriptive Value

0 - 10 ------------- Poor keyword to target in GOOGLE,
10 - 100 --------- Good keyword to target in GOOGLE,
100 - 400 -------- Very good keyword to target in GOOGLE,
400+ ------------- Excellent keyword to target in GOOGLE.

Even now, when our client's website is of the air that phrase gets it to the Position # 1 at Google!



Use generic keywords of a low KEI as well - your clients search for them once they land to your pages.

Use the most popular keywords with so-called "qualifier" that is geographic or sector specific ("antique cars Florida", "Ronald Reagan facts for your paper research")

Build a list of relevant keywords around the website’s main keywords and carefully place them throughout the WebPages. Do not stick with only two or three keywords and repeat them endlessly.


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