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COPY / CONTENT: The Reason Why Webpages Exists!

CONTENT is THE KING of the INTERNET. Unless you're a "black hat" master or a genius spamer, you should provide your visitors with a valuable content or products they need.

Write yor WebSite content for humans, and be sure the Search Engines will follow and assist you to reach as much humans (visitors, potential clients, paying customers) as possible.

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How to Write a Good Copy?

A rule of the thumb is – if your text does not look natural for a human reader it is not good for the Search Engine either.

Keyword density” is a common SEO phrase when considering writing a copy. This fancy term describes a percentage of targeted keywords within the content on a website. Some SEO experts obsess over the right percentage and some would swear 4% is a Law of Google; other would be flexible and tell you 4% to 7% works well. This is all nonsense. Here is an example of a poor copy:

Keyword density is a very important factor in keywords work. Keywords and their density serve to rank better in SE but the keyword density should be carefully measured. Keyword density of 2% is too low and keyword density of 10% is too much. Using either keyword density metric would harm the keyword density-indexing factor.

Keyword density of 27% in the example above is way too much. But, the most sophisticated algorithm in the world is not needed to determine that; a person does not have to be Sergey Brim or Larry Page to realize that. Such text as in the previous example simply makes no sense; it is boring and difficult to read. In website content keywords should be interlaced (same as in the Description and Title Tags) and used in a relevant context about the business of the website.


SEO Idea on Title Tag

Beware of "keyword stuffing" your pages. That's one of unethical search engine optimization techniques, where the site consists of a long list of keywords. Hidden text is when the text on the page is the same color as the background and often consists of lists of keywords that are put there in hope of tricking search engine spiders.


So, What's a right "Keywords density"?

OK, let us go back to our antique car dynamos example. How the copy for them migh look like:

Rolls Royce has invented a first car dynamo. Now of great antique value those car dynamos power-up such vintage beauties like a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow or the king of all Antique Cars – Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic.

The Keyword density of 20% (for the word: anitque, cars, dynamo) in this example is still four or five times above the so-called SEO rules but this text reads naturally and it is useful, informative to a reader and it would not be penalized by a SE because the content does not adhere to a “4.2752%” or any other percentage based keyword-density “rule.”

Again, write yor WebSite content for humans, and be sure the Search Engines will follow.

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