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An ongoing SEO Artworks SEO UNIVERSITY - ALL you need to know about Search Engine Optimization in one Place


A SEO effort is an ongoing PROCESS!

SE frequently change algorithm, keywords that are relevant today may be irrelevant tomorrow; and competitors can steal ideas and overtake your firm’s position.

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Please, come back often - this is an ongoing process; we are constantly updating our pages.

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Why is Search Engine Optimization critical?

SEO: Facts and FictionThe goal of a Search Engine Optimization work is to bring as much relevant traffic to a particular website as possible. ALL marketing efforts have one thing in common—reaching a target audience through effective relevant SEO work. Therefore SEO acts as a collection of diverse strategies that improve the ranking level of a website.

SEO does produce results indeed and good SEO work can make the difference between a successful website and a mediocre one, but whenever possible, a web site should be designed to be Search Engine friendly as a fundamental concern. For maximum efficiency in Search Engine Optimization efforts, business managers, developers and marketers should work together, from a web site’s inception and technical and visual design and moving throughout its development lifetime. When a preexisting web site is designed in a way that poses problems for search engines, search engine optimization can become a much larger task.  

Web Marketing and SEO are a Customer Acquisition Process

Web Marketing – and SEO as a big part of it – is not only a traffic driver. It is a customer acquisition process. Marketing drives traffic, traffic is converted into revenue with sales. So, what is the most effective way to do that?

Obviously - a well build, well optimized Website. All starts with a plan. A website plan should have clearly defined goals in terms of traffic volume, sales conversion rates, and inquiries. Once you know what you wish to achieve you can embark on making your goals a reality.

Onward - go and explore the SEO Artworks University and learn how to do it.

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