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The Title Tag is not a place for vanity so if terms like “honesty” or “the best” are in the Title Tag, it does not help with SEO and raising the website’s rank for relevant terms.

A business name does not belong in the Title Tag either; quite simply, anything that is not absolutely relevant to the business proposition offered should not go in the Title Tag.

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Meta Tags Explained - TITLE TAG

The Title Tag is the most important message you give to the Search Engine – it tells it what you do – and it has impact on how your visitor perceives your business. The Title appears at the upper left corner of your browser.

So imagine if our hypothetical website antique-car-dynamos dot com would have the Title: Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Smith, a long family tradition of business based on honesty and integrity it could have provoked warm feelings but such a Title Tag tells nothing about the business so it would be utterly useless for marketing on the Web. One must ask, who searches for an “honesty” or “your business name” when they need a car dynamo? Common sense, logic and relevancy are the keys for writing a great Title Tag.
The Title Tag, as written in a Code must be located in the <head> of every web page’s Code and it looks like this:

<title>Title Tag for Mr. and Mrs. Smith Business</title>

Back to Mr. and Mrs. Smith antique car dynamos business. Their ideal Title Tag, assuming that repairing of antique car dynamos is the core of what they do:

<title>Antique Car Dynamos Repair</title>

SEO Idea on Title Tag

Before you define your Title Tag or even chose your URL you might wish to use a neat little trick and Google for allintitle:"your keyword". The result will show you how many competing websites use your keywords in the Title Tag.




A) Do not repeat Title Tag throughout the website. Every page on the website must have a different Title Tag. Repetitious Title Tagging is one of the most common and most harmful SEO mistakes and results in poor rankings;

B) The Title Tag should ideally be less than 64 characters in length.. There are many opinions out there but this recommendation comes from the utmost authority, the World Wide Web Consortium and therefore is a “Best Practice” recommendation.

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